See the world through someone else’s eyes- receive video calls and get paid in real-time with nano!

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Perseeve is an app that allows you to see someone else’s perspective, at any location in the world. Whether it’s for journalists to see a live feed of a certain event, for people that want to see a holiday destination before they go or if you just want to learn about a different place or meet different people! Perseeve is global, without borders.

Perseeve creates a direct video connection with someone at your chosen location. The person making the call pays nano, a global digital currency, directly to the person that receives the call. You can be on either end. You can choose to make a call and experience the world through someone else’s eyes, or you can receive calls and show people the world through your perspective.


  • Search for eyes in a location
  • Directly add someone as a contact with their wallet address or username.
  • Integrated nano wallet
  • Directly video call anyone.
  • Perseeve Live! Go Live at anytime, and have participants pay you in realtime.
  • Integrated P2P market (coming soon)
  • Perseeve for enterprise (coming soon)